Feeding Wisconsin's Hungry

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Just a click can help end hunger. Shop our online food drive and help feed hungry families in Wisconsin. Simply choose the items you wish to donate from our online grocery store and Feeding America will use your desktop donation to purchase the food items you select and distribute them to people in need. Every donation makes a difference!

Organize an Online Food Drive at Your Business

Looking for a quick and easy way for your employees to give back to the community this holiday season? Sign up to host an online food drive at your business, church or organization and help feed the hungry. We’ll customize the food drive for your business and you can even keep track of the competition between offices, branches and floors.

Feeding America

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, the state’s largest food bank, serves 377,000 people in eastern Wisconsin each year through a network of over 550 feeding programs including food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

Feeding America helps bridge the gap for families and individuals struggling to make ends meet so that everyone has access to nourishing food, especially during times of great need.

Since 1982, Feeding America has distributed more than 330 million pounds of food, enough food to provide more than 275 million meals to help feed the hungry.

Feeding Hope Since 1982.

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